The Show

Armed with a suitcase full of surprises and a wacky sense of humour – Mr Qwirk will leave you dumbfounded, and asking yourself... what just happened?

Mr Qwirk has been helping people forget all their troubles - on stages, festivals and streets in 30 different countries since 2001. 😃

Mr Qwirk Stage Show


A child is invited onto the stage (or is he?)...

A playful word-free (mime) performance set to music.

5 - 15mins

Mr Qwirk Street Show


Skillful object manipulation, precarious acrobatics and a dash of magic… Ping pong balls, rubber gloves, 4 meters of PVC tubing and a bicycle pump! Add audience volunteers and 3 machetes into the mix. what could possibly go wrong...

15 - 30mins


Mr Qwirk has been performing professionally since 2001, won awards, and performed on stages, streets, and many festivals too numerous to mention. You provide an audience, Mr Qwirk will customise his show to suit.


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Mr Qwirk grew up in New Zealand and is currently based in Europe - but is known to wander the globe. If you really would like to see him in the flesh, use the Contact form or the link below. :)

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